YouTube Update: 2 weeks in

By Travis on February 18, 2009


Travis discusses the first two weeks of the Qtown project being up and running. He covers some web trends, new content, and discusses the unsuccessful attempts at promoting Qtown via local media. Just a basic what’s what update of how things are going really.


2 Responses to “YouTube Update: 2 weeks in”

  1. Paul W. says:

    Represent California and Germany.

  2. Mark says:

    Nice effort!

    But still–what is your web site about?

    Is this where people post comments about Quincy? Is it a list of things going on in Quincy? Is it things that don’t get in the paper — but should? Is it a place where Quincy area folks can link their blogs?

    I’m not sure — and I just listened to your you tube message.

    Sure — YOU know what you are about. Of course — but you didn’t convey it very well. Your youtube monologue was almost a parody of confusing meandering nonsense.

    You should take some journalism classes, something — anything – to learn how to be distinct, clear, vivid. How to convey whategver it is hou have in mind. You must have a lot on the ball, I give you a lot of credit for the initiative you clearly have to try this interesting site — but WHAT IS IT?


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