Woodland Cemetery

By Travis on March 17, 2009


Woodland Cemetery is easily one of my favorite places in Quincy. Stepping foot in Woodland is a lot like going back in time. The hills that the headstones are built on are an example of what the original landscape of Quincy used to look like, it’s astonishing to see how much the ground was moved and leveled out to give us the relatively flat structure that Quincy was built on. Aside from the landscape overlooking the Mississippi river, there are some truly amazing headstones to see. Whether you’re looking at the fireman’s memorial or the soldiers memorial, or even the Rogers Vault, you can tell that a lot of movers and shakers…well, former movers and shakers… chose this area as their final resting place. As with many cemeteries there are ghost stories that can are told, one particular about a group of children that can be seen playing near the mausoleum at dusk, only to vanish into thin air when approached.  Regardless of these stories being fact or fiction, Woodland is a great place to spend a weekend afternoon exploring and walking in the footsteps of the past. These are just a few images I have acquired while doing just that. Enjoy.


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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Excellent stuff, as always, my love. :)

  2. Renee says:

    Travo! Good pics! This is an awesome cemetery. I did take you through Oakland didn’t I?

  3. HBang says:

    Great photos, there are endless lives and stories to explore in Woodland! There are plenty of abolitionists buried there too, I’m working on findiing more. I admit I was a little disappointed in the response to Quincy’s Anti-slavery crusade article, there is so much important and nationally significant history here I wish more people knew about.
    Thanks Travis

  4. Wendy Warren says:

    Hi Heather,

    Just wanted to send you a quick comment to let you know that your links have helped us in a future investigation that we hope to work on. The Underground Railroad in Quincy played a major part in many, many lives before, during and after the Civil War and the info we needed is slowly unraveling infront of us just as if it were real life. Thanks to your link we have bought Ruth Deters book and it’s a fascinating read. People do not comment enough but just know someone has read your article and it was well done.

    Wendy Warren
    River Town Paranormal Society

  5. DonnaSue Welsh says:

    Wow T! This is the first site I went to looking for items for my dad’s grave. I had no idea you had this out there. I didn’t know we had a paranormal society either. You are a wealth of limitless information. Very Cool. Thanks for insite. Feel free to photo the river and ammo “cave” from dad’s place. It truely is a place of all kinds of history and all kinds of people. I learn new stuff everytime I go down there and see so many different decorations for the families. I am proud to own some of the land there and to have some family in this historic haunted ground. Thanks.
    DSW family member

  6. Travis says:

    Thanks for the comment Donna, I guess I’ve been a busy buckaroo. Thanks for saying hello!

  7. Slightly wrong says:

    This used to be the only cemetery in town. So people did not have much choice in choosing it.

    Also, there have always been ‘hills’ actually those are river bluffs, near the river. The rest has always been flat. If the land had shifted, the land the cemetery is on would also have shifted, and we’d be seeing some overturned stones etc. Nice page but missing some history.

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