Who we are through what we do

By Travis on January 21, 2009


“What can we say about Americans from the things they’ve made? When we look at them through the lens of their art, what do we see?,” host and acclaimed TIME magazine art critic Robert Hughes asks. This extraordinary series presents a panoramic view of American history as reflected by artists in every medium and genre, from “primitive” portraits of the Colonial era to the complex visions of the present day.”

This topic is being presented and discussed through a video lecture series presented by the Quincy Public Library (map). A different hour long section will be presented every Thursday from 1pm-2pm up until the last session on February 26th. You can register online by clicking your desired session from the Library Calendar page here.

If you work days, try and take a late lunch on Thursdays and head on down for what’s sure to be an informative viewpoints on american masterpieces as well as the artists that created them


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