TWEET TWEET, what’s good to EAT?

By Travis on April 29, 2009


Picture this. It’s 10:15 in the morning and your sitting at your desk at work….wait…what is that noise…is it…no…surely that’s not thunder…is my computer making a weird noise. No. That’s your stomach. That’s right, suddenly your intestines have decided to take a shot at the drum solo from In a Gadda Da Vida . You my friend are starving. Did you just overhear Mary saying something about “pizza” or was she saying there was a “piece a” paper stuck in the copier…. Did Will just mention “fajita” or was he addressing “Juanita”… It makes no matter. You’ve already begun to imagine food. Your mind drifts off from the paperwork thinking about what you’re going to eat when that lunch hour finally comes around. You’re going to be ready; you’re going to think of that perfect place. That perfect lunchtime deal. If only there was a way to utilize technology to form your game plan.

Twitter is a GREAT way to reach a number of potential customers. The only restaurant that is doing this right now actively as of this post is Buffalo Wild Wings, follow them here. Quincy is a eating out kind of town. We have great local food joints.  Whether you’re a coffee shop that does deli style lunches, or a bar with great burgers, or any other food category you might imagine, YOU BELONG ON TWITTER!

You have the ability to connect with these people who are sitting at their desk hungry for something good to eat. How many times do you hear the question “Hey, what sounds good?” Now your business can have a voice; advertise daily specials, talk about the history of your company, be a real person, participate in the community. This hungry person sees your daily special, and sure enough that’s exactly what’s sounding good to them! It’s easy, it’s free, and it’s ridiculous not to utilize this free tool. Twitter is still new and hasn’t yet peaked. Become apart of this technology before it is yesterday’s news.

Here’s what you need to do. Go to, and sign up for a FREE account. Once you have your account set up, which is a very simple process, add your company’s website if you have one. Does your business have a logo? I so, make that the image avatar on your profile page. Now you’re set up, you are on Twitter, it’s time to find some local people to follow. You can go to and/or and find people in and around Quincy that would be interested in finding out what your daily specials might be. Follow these people and most likely they will follow you  enabling them to see what you have to offer.

Don’t stand by idly and let this great opportunity to advertise your business for free pass you up. Get involved today!


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