Today in Qtown History: August 7th 1912

By Travis on August 7, 2010


Today we turn to The Quincy Daily Whig for our retrospective look back in Qtown time. We all have bad days, however a Mr. Philip Lubbring had a particularly bad day as reported in the newspaper today in 1912. Mr. Lubbring who lived at 10th and Lind here in Quincy was a teamster who worked at the Mills Bottling Works (once located at 4th and Broadway). Lubbring was in the middle of his delivery route, delivering soda water to residences on East Broadway, when his day took a turn for the unpleasant. Upon returning to his team of horses he found them agitated fighting flies that had been harassing them. In an attempt to straighten out the situation one of the disturbed horses took out his aggression on Mr. Lubbring by biting his hand. The horse’s “vice-like grip” caused Mr. Lubbring to pass out, fortunately his calls for help had been heard by neighbors. He was takenĀ  home where he found medical attention. Was he able to keep his hand? I suppose that detail is lost in history.

Mr. Lubrring seemed to be someone unlucky as other work related injuries also made their way into the paper over time. One such incident occurred when Mr. Lubbring was on another delivery. He took a tumble down some cellar step badly lacerating a finger on the broken soda bottles which also resulted in the fall. I can confidently say he DID NOT lose any digits in that incident as the report mentions only several stitches were needed to remedy that situation. In another incident Mr. Lubbring narrowly escaped injury when his soda wagon was involved in a crash with a switch engine (I’m led to believe that a switch engine is a train locomotive, either a proper railroad train or perhaps a streetcar). Not sure how a soda delivery wagon ended up on some form of railroad tracks for a prolonged amount of time…perhaps that is another mystery best left to history.


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