Soldiers and Sailors Home

By Travis on February 8, 2009


I imagine many Quincy childhood memories wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the Deer Park at the Soldiers and Sailors home. I know I spent my fair share of time there with a bag of bread feeding any animal within throwing distance. There is however, much more to the soldiers and sailors home than the llamas and deer. The site hosts amazing buildings in a very serene setting. I would encourage everyone to spend a day walking the grounds and taking it all in. I recently did this myself and below are just a small sampling of some of the sites. Be sure to say hello to any veterans you might see and tell them thank you for fighting for the freedoms that we all enjoy.


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  1. Duane Kincaid says:

    I was born and raised in Quincy, and spent the first 16 years living on north 4th st. This was back in the late 40’s and early 50’s, when the blacks had to set on the back of the buses. I used to ride the bus thru S & S home and help the disabled solders and sailors get on and off of the bus,some of them were so disabled they didn’t even know where they were. I also used to go to S & S home and play on all of the guns and tanks, and fish in the lake ( we did this alot ).I also at one time sang in the YMCA boys choir and we would go to S & S and sing for some of the bed ridden solders and sailors, I think back now on the sacrifices those men gave for our country, some of them were so disabled they could’nt hold a glass, I think most of them were from WW1, even as young as I was then it still left and inpression on me that I won’t ever forget. Although to me at my young age then S & S home was a fun place to go and play, It was a place of sadness and sorrow for a lot of people, something I was to young to see……….

  2. RICK PIVA says:

    I was privileged to volunteer as an apostolate when I lived In Quincy in 1969 to volunteer to show some of those soldiers and sailors how much we cared for them by taking them for rides around the grounds in their wheel chairs and for me today thinking about those times I volunteered to take my guitar and entertain for them or show them some fun at Christmas by dressing as a rather skinny St Nick – that particular time in my life was “AWESOME” because I was allowed to show them how much we really “CARE” and how incredible a privilege it was to me and an honor to give back to so many brave souls who have all gone on to their enternal reward… May they rest in peace……

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