Quincy Paw Pals 2nd Annual Pet Food Drive

By Travis on December 8, 2010

Paw Pals is asking for the help of the community to come together and help us with our 2nd annual Pet Food Drive! We are always in need of donated dry cat & dog food, we receive donated food from various donors through out the year, but right now our pantry is running near dry. Animals burn calories at a much higher rate in colder weather, especially those that live outside. In the winter months the need is higher for good high protein food to keep these animals fed. Our supplies go down twice as fast. We are thankful for any and all help; we would not be able to help the less fortunate without the generosity of our community! Last year, we were so surprised at the amount of food the community donated! It helped us feed hundreds of animals for months. We are praying we will have the same response this year. In just 3 months we helped put food in bowls for 1773 dogs and 1372 cats. The numbers seem unbelievable, but the need is higher than most can imagine. Many of these people are the elderly that live for their animal’s company and just can’t make it through the month financially putting food both on their table and in their animal’s bowls.
Paw Pals tries hard to also help educate, help with veterinary medical bills, spaying and neutering and helping people with housing for their pets. The need for used dog houses and straw is also great. A few houses have been donated but we still need more. So if anyone has an unused dog house sitting in their back yards please contact Paw Pals, we will be glad to pick it up. You may reach us by calling 228-7441. Please leave a message and we will return the call quickly. You may also email us at: pawpals@adams.net or contact us on our facebook page.

Drop off points for the Pet Food Drive are:
Pet Supply Plus 4824 Broadway
Pampered Pets Grooming 4830 Broadway
Klingele Veterinary Clinic 4601 Broadway
Farm & Home Supply 4625 Broadway
Petco 405 N 32nd
Paw Pals Pet Food Pantry 131 N. 6th (opened Mon & Thurs 3:30-5:30 pm)

In addition to the drop off points this year we are also having a “PET FOOD DRIVE THRU DROP OFF” Event to be held on WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 15TH from 3:00 to 5:00 pm in the Y101 parking lot located at 408 North 24th. Just drive thru and hand Jeff Dorsey “The Big Dog” your donation, bags of dry pet food or money, we are not picky!!! We are very excited about this event and looking forward to a great turn out!


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