Qtown Podcast 001

By Travis on January 23, 2010


Here is is the first Qtown podcast with Travis and Liz. We had to share one microphone instead of the planned two mic setup, future shows will continue to improve in audio. This will hopefully become a regular weekly or biweekly feature of Qtown.

Here’s the Shownotes
• The new Qtown Website Contributor Feature
• New Features to the Qtown website in the works
• Quincy IS TOTALLY a food town.
• Who has the best Tenderloin in Quincy; a midwest rarity
• Supporting local independently owned businesses in Quincy “Live Local
• Never disappointed with Tower of Pizza
• Cactus Jim and the Cactus Club: The Facebook Fan Page, Cactus Jim’s Website
• Gloomy weather bringing us down
• Favorite Teen Hangouts in Quincy through the years
• A tiny bit of local new to Quincy
• Shout out to alderman Kyle Moore’s blog (correction: I refer to Kyle as being the a 6th ward alderman, when in reality is is the 3rd ward, my apologies)
• Quincy Trivia Question: Where did the native american artifacts now located a the Quincy museum originally reside? Do you know the answer let us know!

Contact us at helloqtown@gmail.com or call us at 217.919.0492


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