Phil Stendek – US Grand Prize Loop Musician Comes to Quincy

By Travis on December 8, 2010


The US Grand Prize winning Loop Musician Phil Stendek will take to the underground stage to deliver a phenomenal show of musicianship, comedy, and looping that won him the title of ” Best in America”.

The second week of January Phil will compete against 11 of the best loop musicians in the world for the title of World’s Best Loop Musician. A mere 6 days before his competition he will be honing his Reggae influenced music and looping abilities here in Quincy at the Kix Club.

On October 23rd, 2010 Phil beatout 6 of the countries best Loop musicians at the Boss Loop Station Championship with his original composition “Nuclear Fusion”.

“The one thing that (Police Guitarist) Andy Summers said that did stick in my head was that my performance was very conventional,” he says. “For the Worlds, instead of doing a song, I’m going to do a routine where I pretty much demonstrate everything you can do with the pedal.”

Specifically? “I’m going to take one of my songs and I’m going to just change it up so it has all these gimmicky parts in it. I’m going to have a part in the middle where I start playing harmonica into a telephone. I’m going to build the beat out of junk – I’ve got a box of junk and I’m just going to bang on it.”

Already known for his high energy and extremely entertaining sets Kix Club can expect to see Phil pulling out all the stops in preparation for his Worlds competition.

Phil Stendek Live

Kix Club

Sat January 8th



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