More than a Growing Trend

By Travis on May 17, 2009


the following article was submitted by the University of Illinois Extension upon Qtown’s inquiry on the community gardens.


Since the spring of 2006, community members have been gathering on North 8th St. near the Jackson-Lincoln Pool to garden together.  Hundreds of pounds of food have been raised on this City plot since that time and there has been a waiting list of people wanting garden space each year.  So this year, the garden has been expanded to include additional plots and a demonstration garden.  A second community garden location has also been added this year on Quincy University’s campus.  The QU garden is located at 20th and Elm, just behind the Friary and the Tennis House.
The gardens are open to anyone who would like to reserve and maintain a plot.  Apartment dwellers and others who do not have their own garden space, or people who don’t have the tools to garden in their yard may find the community garden provides an option to raise their own vegetables and flowers.  The gardens also provide opportunities to meet and talk with others who have a gardening interest.
The gardens are also used as outdoor teaching and learning areas including a demonstration garden and composting facilities. U of I Extension staff and several Adams County Master Gardeners are in the gardens throughout the season to assist and offer advice.
There is no cost to participate, and much of the prep work will be done for you.  The plots are tilled and prepared to plant.  You can plant and grow whatever you like, harvest and take it home or share it with others.  You are responsible for the maintenance of your garden through the growing season and cleaning it out at the end of the season.  Just think, you could be eating fresh veggies all summer and the primary cost is your time.
There are just a few plots still available.  So, if you are interested in gardening or would like more information, please call 217-223-8380 .
University of Illinois Extension has partnered with the Quincy Park District, the City of Quincy and the Quincy University to offer the community garden space.


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  1. tookie says:

    Once it say’s U of Il extension , I discount all in it .

  2. I had a small plot here in 2006, nicknamed the Free Frank garden haha
    While digging in the soil I found an old railroad spike. Hmmm odd.
    I took it as a symbol of the Underground RR!

  3. Naomi says:

    Now Gardening Can be a hobby or a Job, For me its a Sunday hobby and I love it ( Other days i have work Booo!)

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