Live Local

By Travis on October 19, 2009



A new organization has formed to highlight the benefits and opportunities of a “Live Local” initiative for the Quincy area. Live Local is the term the committee has chosen to represent the concept of supporting locally-owned businesses for the benefit of the local economy and community.

Live Local Quincy is similar to other programs throughout the nation termed “Buy or Shop Local”. These programs urge people to be citizens first and consumers second. A local living economy helps ensure economic power resides locally to the greatest extent possible, sustains vibrant, livable communities and promotes healthy ecosystems.

The committee is comprised of local business owners, community members and representatives from the University of Illinois Extension, City of Quincy, Great River Economic Development Foundation, Chamber of Commerce and Historic Quincy Business District. They have been meeting regularly to develop a structure, mission and plan for moving forward.

To learn more about Live Local Quincy-please visit our website at

For more information, or to get involved, contact Carrie Edgar, Director, University of Illinois Extension – Adams/Brown Unit at 217.223.8380 or Randy Stocker, owner, Great Debate Books at 217.316.2041.


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