Inside the Monckton House

By Travis on June 5, 2009


There has been much speculation about the Monckton house. From rumors of mob activity, to being haunted, basement vaults, and elaborate underground tunnels, the Monckton house is a local legend. These photos of the inside of the Monckton house were donated to Qtown for use. These images were legally obtained without any trespassing circa late 2003, When the house was for sale. Qtown STRONGLY DISCOURAGES any kind of trespassing. This is just a sampling of the pictures though. To see ALL of them as well as select descriptions and to add comments go to the Qtown Flickr Set of the Monckton House here.


4 Responses to “Inside the Monckton House”

  1. Awesome stuff Travis. Thanks for the views.
    I would love to be set loose in there for a couple of hours “:o)

  2. Heather Bangert says:

    Wow great! I was not aware you had these til today

  3. Darlene says:

    I am considering looking to buy this estate in Quincy. I don’t see any details online regarding its’ history. I want a historic home and I love the details in this one. Can you fill me in on the stories that make it “infamous”? I just thought it was a lovely historical home but the “infamous” tag kind of concerns me.

  4. Travis says:

    Thanks for the comment Darlene. I wouldn’t be too concerned about the history. Most are urban legends. The facts as I’ve seen them is that at one point, The Monckton family had ties to the Chicago Mob. It’s thought that sometimes chicago gangsters would use his home as a safe house when their criminal pursuits were being investigated in Chicago. Other popular myths include large tunnels underneath the home large enough to drive a car through, perhaps all the way to the river. I’ve heard mixed accounts of it being haunted as well, or at least feeling kind of creepy. All that being said, It’s a beautiful home not only of the Monckton family but other families significant to Quincy. I say give it a chance and take a look! Everything you hear you should probably take with a grain of salt anyways :)

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