Growing Green Construction in the Area

By Travis on March 22, 2009


I was very happy to stumble across the Green Smart Builders website recently. Dan Griffin has already done great things for the Quincy downtown, and it’s great to see that he’s embraced and is utilizing green technology. I hope his actions serve as an influence to future downtown construction and renovation. Green energy and energy efficiency is here to stay. The following text isĀ  featured in the “About” section of Green Smart Builders:

Dan Griffin started construction in 1993, rehabilitating buildings for the downtown district of Quincy, Illinois. Throughout the following ten years, Dan refurbished and constructed several buildings around the Quincy and Mt. Sterling area. In 2005, Dan began offering his restoration services to businesses and residents all across the Tri-State Area under the “Green Smart” name, utilizing only the most energy-efficient and eco-friendly building and rehabilitation methods, including the use of ICF materials (short for insulated concrete forms).

Green Smart Builders began its biggest project in early 2007, the construction of the Microtel Inn and Suites located on the riverfront of the Mississippi in Quincy. Dan Griffin of Green Smart hired a talented staff of assistants to help construct the property. By December 2007, Microtel was finished and open for business. Extremely satisfied with the work Green Smart had done, Dan assembled his capable crew for future green construction jobs.

Green Smart Builders now specializes in insurance work, roofing jobs, decks, ground-up commercial construction, and residential rehab. However, having rehabilitated over 30 residential and commercial properties in the downtown districts of Quincy and Mt. Sterling, there is no job too small or project too big for Green Smart.

Properties constructed by Green Smart Builders are guaranteed energy-efficient and eco-friendly. Green Smart makes use of insulated concrete forms, a material that wastes no wood or metal, and is virtually sound-proof. Properties constructed with ICF materials see lower heating and cooling bills, and cost about the same to build. The choice is simple: for a cost-efficient property that’s built with both current and future generations in-mind, contact Green Smart Builders.

To learn more about Green construction and the other services of Green Smart Builders as well as additional information check out the website at


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