Glass Recycling in Quincy

By Travis on January 17, 2009


There seems to be alot of confusion if Quincy currently supports glass recycling. The answer is a little more complicated then a yes or no. Technically speaking, yes glass recycling is indeed supported in Quincy at this time, problem is the process is bit more complicated than throwing in in the orange bin and setting it out for pickup.  After an inquiry to Quincy Recycle I received that confirmation as well as a flier that explained the process. Here it is for you


WHEN: Saturday mornings from 8am-12pm
WHERE: Quincy Recycle (6th & State St.)
WHAT WILL BE ACCEPTED: clear, brown & green glass (please separate glass colors)
WHAT THEY WON”T ACCEPT: window glass, mirror glass, light bulbs, ceramic glass (cookware, etc)

Another statistic that was presented declares that of the 500 tons of garbage a month and recycles 120 tons of that trash, that works out to be about 24%. I think we can do A LOT better then that, People may be put off by the fact that you have to separate the glass and drop it off yourself.  Is this as convenient as just putting it on the edge of your driveway? Of course not. However, sometimes in life we have to meet a cause in the middle. A lot of people collect soda cans and drop them off for a few bucks. Is it really a deal breaker to maybe load some glass as well? I’m sure alot of glass currently goes into the trash, I’d wager that by recycling glass would ease up somewhat on the amount of trash that you collect in a week’s time. If you want to get real technical that COULD result in using fewer trash bags, requiring fewer garbage stickers. People complain alot about garbage stickers, and maybe they have a valid complaint, and perhaps they don’t. However if recycling was more of a serious thought in local households I think the average household would see alot less garbage output every week. Although I have not personally received confirmation,  it is of my understanding that Quincy Recycle can provide an additional recycling container. There have been some murky comments about the validity of this claim, however  I would encourage you to look into the matter if you see it so fit. I think we can all do a little more. We don’t have to be a bunch of tree huggers to make a difference, educate yourself, and others.


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  1. Matt Courty says:

    I think of trash stickers as paying for what you use. My 90 year old grandma who lives alone, and at most has one small bag of trash a week shouldn’t have to pay the same price as a family of six who’s filling three cans every week. This is the same way they’ve been looking at taxes. Tax what you buy not what you make. That way everybody pays no matter if you get cash under the table or whatever.

  2. kenny says:

    Hey Travis,

    I agree whole heartedly that we could do more. Moving here from another country it is deeply sadening to see such a lazy attitude towards each other and the wider community. Everyone here could recycle much more with very little effort. As a family of 4 we put out one garbage bag (& one sticker) a week. Everything else, glass, paper, plastic is recycled. It really is no work, just some minor organization on how trash is dealt with (we have seprate trash cans inside). From what I see most people have one small recycle container and bags & bags of trash. I know some significant businesses here that also don’t recyle paper!! This seems to be a poor reflection on both our collective laziness and lack of consideration for each other and our wider community and contradicts the values that I believe Quincy has long stood for. FYI Quincy recycle did give us extra recyle containers when we asked.

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