By Travis on March 23, 2009


Who owns and operates Qtown?
Travis Hoffman a local Graphic Designer is the owner and operator of Qtown.

Who funds Qtown/ Is Qtown affiliated with any local organizations?

Qtown is completely independently operated. It has no affiliation to any organization or groups of people. Qtown thrives on the the interaction between local organization and itself,however can be claimed by no one other than it’s creator Travis Hoffman.

Can I advertise on Qtown?
At this time Qtown is not offering any form of traditional advertising.

How does Qtown make money?
It does not. Qtown seeks no monetary subscription, registration, or donations. Qtown’s creator is of the belief that sometimes something should be done because it needs to be done, and not because there is a profit to be made.

More questions and responses will be posted as is seen fit.

If you have a particular question please contact Qtown at helloqtown@gmail.com


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