Faded but Not Forgotten; Weathered Echoes of Quincy’s Past

By Travis on December 28, 2008


Driving down Broadway it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the number of billboards and signs that line the street. The technology used to make these signs has improved drastically. Anyone can provide art files and the sign can be reproduced, put up and taken down. Very few of these billboard advertisements have much longevity. There was a time however when a sign was meant to last.

Quincy has a number of such advertisements which align the  tops  and sides of buildings. Signs that were hand painted and carefully thought out. These signs have since faded and now show the effects of time and weather. The once bright paint giving way to crackling views of the red brick, breaking through to the daylight it was robbed of when the paint was first applied. These weathered echoes of the past look on advertising a time and social mentality that no longer stares back at it. The following is a brief pictorial on some of the signs I have managed to photograph. I truely believe they are an under appreciated piece of Quincy that makes it a hometown. The marks of a culture, community, and a hometown.


8 Responses to “Faded but Not Forgotten; Weathered Echoes of Quincy’s Past”

  1. Heather Bangert says:

    Nice pics. Dr. Pepper sign on N. 12th too

  2. Jamie says:

    What a great idea! Kudos!

  3. Matt Courty says:

    Feel free to grab the Pepper pic I put on Facebook. Or any others for that matter.

  4. Dean La Velle says:

    Great idea, keep the photos coming… another interesting photo essay would be of neighborhoods that have grown up and around old barns. Look around town and you’ll see surprising vistas of new homes surrounding a large weathered red barn.

  5. Clintron3000 says:

    dude! this is sweet. Well done sir.

  6. Nancy Sommerville says:

    Great site. Will do wonders in teaching the community about its community and heritage. Now, to challenge your brain, their is a large home, infirmary, school or something on 5th and Maple that was obviously something in its day. Currently it is up from sale. Do you or anyone else loitering here know what this once was?

  7. Robert says:


    Is the home at 6th and Spring? If so, that was a funeral home at one time, I may not be talking about the same place though, but it sounds familiar, a huge rock home that was recently for sale?

  8. Marc Hollembeak says:

    I love this collection. Nice work, some of them are starting to disappear. Sad.

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