Digital Art Showing: Amy and Jeremy’s pottery

By Travis on March 31, 2010


Welcome to the second edition of  “Digital Showings”. The goal of the Digital Showings are to feature galleries of local artists, be it professionals or amateurs. Qtown loves the arts and looks forward to promoting them through this feature. If you’d like your work featured email us at

This installment’s featured artist is Amy and Jeremy’s pottery. Please enjoy some selected pots and feel free to pass on some love, be it compliments or business!

Artist Bio:
I was born and raised here in Quincy.  A few years ago I moved to Decatur for a stint.  While I was there, I took pottery classes at Richmond Community College.  I pretty much took the class in order to get out and about, but I ended up falling in love with the art.  I moved back home and didn’t think much else about pottery until my boyfriend, Jeremy found a pottery wheel for me on ebay for my birthday.  I never thought I’d be able to do pottery in my home, but Jeremy and I have gradually built a nice set up in our basement.  We’ve moved from our starter equipment to a new wheel and much larger kiln, which in turn has allowed us to make bigger and nicer pots.  He ended up having a knack for it, too, which has made it a nice hobby for us to do together.  I can be contacted at to inquire about having a pots custom made, or the pieces in the photos are available for purchase. FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK for more!


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  1. Jackie Sperry says:

    Very nice work Amy and Jeremy! I love your story on how you got started too. Do you show your pottery anywhere? Would love to see it! Jackie

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