Compact Flourescent Bulbs

By Travis on January 11, 2009


Change the three bulbs you use most in your house to compact fluorescents. Each compact fluorescent bulb will keep half a ton of carbon dioxide out of the air over its lifetime. And while compact fluorescents are initially a lot more expensive than the incandescent bulbs you’re used to using, they last ten times as long and can save $30 per year in electricity costs.



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    This is a subject that people are really interested in talking and learning about! I work at Heintz Lighting Center and you would be surprised to know that people are afraid of these bulbs! Some information outlets have scared and turned customers away from buying these because of the mercury inside them. Please visit the site below to clear up some of the confusion…

    Then to learn about how beneficial they can be visit the below site. On this site there is even a calculator to show you how much you can personally save annually.

    With all of this being said, I should mention you can get any/all CFL bulbs the even more efficient LED bulds at Heintz Lighting Center or Heintz Electric. WE ALSO OFFER RECYCLING TO DISPOSE OF YOUR USED AND UNBROKEN CFL AND FLUORESCENT BULBS.

    Anyone who has more questions about lighting or which ones to use in their own situations can call me at 217-223-0101 or email me at

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    Melissia Anders

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