All Access to Local History

By Travis on May 7, 2009


Mark Your Calendars to check out some great local history as 18 museums and properties in Quincy and Adams County open for viewing. Details are a bit hazy so far I’m afraid, However you can find fliers listing places, dates, times, and admission costs in the lobbies of the Villa Kathrine, Oakley-Lindsay Center, Quincy Public Library and other places.

(contributors note: I’ll try and nail down these places and more info as it becomes available)

What: Open House of Historic Properties; Contact the Villa Kathrine at 217-224-3688 for a listing of museums.
When: Saturday May 16th and Sunday May 17th.
Where: 18 museums and other local properties
Cost: reduced or waved fees depending upon establishment; Contact the Villa Kathrine at 217-224-3688 for details


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